Boarding at All Heart Horse Farm

Our hallmark is top-quality individualized horse care -- horses are all unique, and the cookie-cutter approach to care isn't in the best interest of the horse or horse-owner.

We board 6 different and distinct categories of horses each with their specialized needs: 1. Breeding herds (including stallions); 2. Rescue horses; 3. High-performance, competition horses; 4. Geriatric horses (retired or still working); 5. Rehabilitation horses; and 6. Hospice horses.

To speak to individual horses' needs, we have created the largest variety of feeding, stall, and turnout options of any facility in the Houston area.

We have five different stall sizes (from 8x12 to 12x20), stalls with turnout areas attached (for arthritic horses that must constantly move), and nearly 40 turnout areas ranging from a 10-acre grassy pasture to a 12x12 area used for rehabilitating injured horses.

Boarding Rates:

Pasture Board with Pasture Shelter $300 per month
Pony Stall (8'x12') $300 per month
Full Board (Budget) (12'x12') $375 per month
Full Board with Additional Services* (12'x12') $425 per month
Full Board with Additional Services* (12'x16') $495 per month**
** if available

* $425 Board includes: fan electricity, blanketing, electrolytes, salt block, individualized feeding program, trailer parking, coordination of farrier and vet and de-worming, and selected medical treatments.

All Heart Horse Farm Facilities and Amenities Include:

  • 80� by 200� covered lighted arena with all-weather United States Dressage Federation approved footing which provides a non-slip riding surface for high performance riding
  • Mirrors along one side of the covered arena
  • 150� by 300� outdoor jumping arena
  • Hunt field / cross country course
  • Safe turnout in wood fencing (25 paddocks for individual or small-group turnout and 10 large pastures for large-group turnout)
  • Wood box stalls with J.W. Hall's 2-1/2"-spaced safety grills
  • Highest quality Goudeau Farms hay (square bales)
  • Individualized feeding program available from many types of feed including: Evann's Local Feed (many varieties), Purina Equine Senior, Purina Strategy, Triple Crown Low Starch, Nutrena Safe Choice, Wendlands One N Only, Country Acres Pellet Sweet Feed or All Grain, and more.
  • Climate-controlled tack room
  • Three wash racks -- two covered and one indoor
  • Designated farrier and veterinarian areas
  • Twenty-four hour security with owner-trainer and grooms living on premises
  • Serene trail riding along Mustang Bayou
Please visit our photo gallery to take a closer look!

To inquire about availability or for more information, please contact Heidi by, or by calling 713-515-1261.

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